The attitude towards the unique character of a visual art work has changed since the advent and development of photography. What has become significant now is not the physical object - the print - itself, but the photographer’s perspective: the way a person with a camera sees, chooses, thinks and reveals his or her experience of interaction with the world. This interaction can turn into a unique discovery, or it can turn out to be a cliché. In any case, behind almost every photograph there's a person with his or her individual perception.

Digital space has put the visual debris and works of art on the same level. All of this is equally accessible to the viewer, and it is not easy in the absence of a formal hierarchy, to detach one from the other.

F11 is a virtual gallery with a mission to present a photograph in such a way that the viewer has the opportunity to feel the significance of each image. We show various exhibitions whose authors share a common view on photography as an independent art form and a way of learning the world.

On the 11th day of each month we open a new exhibition.